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Moana Minerals

Evidence-based Exploration

Making informed decisions about the development of the nodule resource requires extensive pertinent data. This requires a comprehensive program to collect necessary data within the area at the frequency and duration needed in the areas of environment, socioeconomics and cultural heritage, resource, engineering and metallurgy. Moana’s exploration program has been developed to collect, analyze, model and report these data to support a evidence-based decision-making process.


The Exploration Phase
at a Glance

Before deciding whether mining this resource is feasible, an adequate understanding of the potential environmental and societal impacts and project economics is required. The exploration phase of the Cook Islands nodule project, developed to facilitate this understanding, includes: 

  • Environmental baselining and impact assessment
  • Community engagement & Social Impact assessment
  • Project feasibility engineering and assessment
  • Project economics assessment

How Fact-based Exploration
Drives Our Project


Involving the Community

Involvement of the Cook Islanders, whether as deck crew members, administrative support, logistics support, scientists, or management, is an integral part of our exploration program. This approach supports the local community through job creation and by providing revenue to local businesses.

Moana in the Community

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