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Moana Minerals

Moana in the Community

Moana Minerals is excited to engage with the Cook Islands as part of exploring a new and innovative source of critical metals for the clean energy transition. We engage in an open, transparent, and ethical manner, while being cognizant of the local traditions and culture, and the close spiritual connection to the ocean.

commitment to the community

Our Commitment to the Community

Our business culture is one of listening to all and ensuring that these voices are heard. We use our adaptive management process to evaluate and adjust based on this input.

In support of the community, we commit to protecting the environment, supporting the island’s industries, diversifying the local economy, and providing rewarding opportunities.

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Keeping Opportunities Local

With the relocation of our operational headquarters to the Cook Islands, we aim to maximize the involvement of local companies, people, services, and infrastructure, and through this process aid in the development and expansion of the local economy.

Benefits to the Cook Islands Community

Preserving a Healthy Moana

We are focused on learning about the ocean and Cook Islands environment to ensure that exploration and any future activities do not significantly affect the environment

Preserving the Culture

This project, and the jobs and opportunities it creates, provides local work prospects for Cook Islanders who might otherwise feel the need to leave the Cook Islands.

Elevating Industry and Capacity Building

Moana Minerals, working with existing industries to source equipment and services while helping to expand and improve skills and capabilities, creates new opportunities for Cook Islanders to find rewarding employment as mariners, electricians, mechanics, production operators, engineers, and geologists.

Diversifying the Economy

Our project will help to achieve the outcomes of the Cook Islands Economic Development Strategy, within meeting sustainable development requirements. New, diversified revenue streams can be used in funding the needs of the Cook Islands communities.


Locally Operated with Local Needs in Mind

Basing Moana Minerals’ exploration vessel in the Cook Islands for the duration of the work program illustrates how utilizing local resources and skills increases the overall efficiency of the work program, while at the same time providing local benefit. This locally-based exploration vessel approach substantially increases the frequency and the amount of data collected, resulting in an improved understanding of the ocean and its environment.

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Interested in learning more about our Cook Islands initiative, how our work lends itself to a more sustainable future, or just have general inquiries? Connect with us today.

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