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Moana Minerals

The Cook Islands Nodule Project

Polymetallic nodules found on the abyssal plains of the Cook Islands EEZ represent one of the largest known cobalt deposits in the world, and hold promise to address huge shortages projected for this metal critical to meet the global decarbonization goals.

Polymetallic Nodules for Critical Metals Metals and Clean Energy Transition

Nodule-based Critical Metal Production: A Real Solution



Moana Minerals’ Cook Islands Nodule Project

The nodules of the Cook Islands are unique in their shape, size, metal content, and setting when compared to nodules found elsewhere in the world. Our exploration program collects and analyzes data to complete a multi-year environmental baseline study and accompanying Environmental & Social Impact Assessment. These efforts quantify and fully characterize the environment and the nodule resource in our exploration area. Collected and analyzed engineering data (seabed, water column, air/water interface) informs the design of nodule recovery systems, ensuring efficient operations with minimal environmental disturbance.

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Why the Cook Islands Nodules?

The nodule resource of the Cook Islands is extensive, constituting perhaps the largest primary cobalt ore body in the world. In addition to being extremely high grade (0.5%) in terms of cobalt, the nodules also contain significant levels of nickel, copper, manganese, iron and rare earth elements. The nodules themselves lie uncovered atop the seabed sediments, and this 2-dimensional deposit is extremely uniform in terms of grade and chemistry. Seabed mineral exploration laws and associated regulations are well defined, with mining regulations under development and broad bi-partisan and public support, making the Cook Islands an attractive regulatory regime.

Cook Islands Seabed Minerals Authority
29 kg/m2

High abundance – smaller area of disturbance / better economics

High Grade & Polymetallic

0.5% Cobalt, 0.23% Nickel, 15% Manganese, 0.13% Copper

No Excavating

Nodules lie exposed on top of the seafloor

Regulatory Framework

Established legal framework for underwater mining

Path to Critical Mineral Production from CI Nodules

Multiple parallel research and development activities will be required to achieve critical minerals production from CI Nodules.

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