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Moana Minerals

Responsibly Supplying Metals for a Greener Future

Here at Moana Minerals, we don’t just talk about a greener future—we work to enable it.

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The Cook Islands Nodule Project — Unpacked

Achieving global clean energy objectives requires large new quantities of multiple metals. Moana Minerals, with involvement and support from local communities, meets this challenge through responsible sourcing of these metals from the seafloor nodules of the Cook Islands.


Why Metals from the Seafloor

Moana Minerals believes that without these seafloor metal supplies the world cannot meet the current stated objectives for a transition to clean energy. The Cook Islands nodules are a massive, concentrated source of high-grade ore containing multiple metals located on the surface of the seafloor and accessible without the need to drill, blast, or excavate. Developing this supply of metals can be done with minimal environmental and social impacts to the ocean and associated communities.

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